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Welcome to the Garforth Amateur Dramatic Society Website. We are always looking for new actors and backstage helpers so if you are interested contact any member or ring us on the number listed below. Everybody Welcome!

Secretary Carole Hurst 0113 2864175          Chairman Mike Baker 0113 2824795


Theatre visit to see ‘A Kick In the Baubles

A group of members and friends went to see this play by Gordon S t e e l p e r f o rme d a t T h e Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds on the evening of October 26th. Our expectations were high as the Society had read the play during the summer and really enjoyed it. In fact, if we had been able to cast it, we may well have chosen it for the November production. But after seeing this production, I’m glad we didn’t!

I don’t really know what went wrong as it should have been funny, and to be fair parts of it were, but somehow the humour didn’t come across as it should have done. Lines which I remembered as being funny didn’t seem to work and some of the language just jarred.

When there was laughter from the audience the cast carried on speaking so that subsequent lines were lost—a fairly basic mistake which should never have happened. The cast was mixed with a couple of good performances — particularly the leading man—but like us they are an amateur group so can’t be judged by professional standards. However, I can’t help thinking that we would have done it better! Carole Hurst

GADS Back Stage

Unless you are a member of GADS, you don’t appreciate the work that goes into a production. The whole back stage crew are there at least an hour before the curtains open—from hair and makeup to props, lighting and house staff. This time my role started at six o’clock when I arrived with the newest addition to the team and my best friend Chelcie. First we helped the props-master with the set making sure that the stage was in shape, and then Chelcie started making the two leading ladies even more beautiful than they already are, whilst I helped our fantastic leading men with their dress and makeup. You hold your breath as the curtains open hoping that everyone and everything is in place for another night’s performance, and sure enough it always is!!

Jenny Nash (Wardrobe & Makeup)

Spring Play 2010

Several play readings were held at The Gaping Goose immediately following the autumn production and Caramba’s Revenge by William Norfolk was chosen for the next production.

The auditions are being held at The Miners’ Welfare Hall on Tuesday 5th January at 7.30pm to select the cast of six females and one man. If you are interested in any way, either acting or helping back stage, please come along. The Director will be Mike Osborne.

Hallowe’en Quiz Evening

Our quiz evenings seem to be very popular, so Mike Baker volunteered to organise one, and the time came again for GADS members and friends to get their noggins into gear and dust off their smart hats for the Quiz night on October 30th.

A very challenging quiz faced us, with questions ranging from films and TV to vampires and witches, everyone was able to answer at least a few questions! I particularly liked the ones  relating to the Wiccan origins of Hallowe’en, and not just because I knew all the answers!

There was the usual chorus of “OOOH, I know that one” and “It’s on the tip of my tongue”, and a new favourite was “What? What/who on earth is that!?!?” But in the end it was Mike and Erica Nicholls's team that triumphed, and I know what you are all thinking . . . . how did that happen? The answer is simple—Carole and her team weren’t there! A fun filled evening was had by all, the pie and pea supper added a nice touch and went down really well. It’s something we should consider again, although the next time I will bring some ketchup!

Many thanks to Mike for being an excellent quizmaster and to Pat for organising the food.

Laura Oswald

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3rd March 2010


Recent Productions


NODA report on ‘Forget Me Knot’

November 2009

A small cast of only four, but fortunately a talented foursome who kept the pace of the play going and managed to squeeze as much humour as they could from the dialogue. Well done to lighting and sound as they were spot on with all the effects helping the action to flow smoothly. The set had been kept plain and simple but combined with suitable props made for an ideal police station, and the use of the front of the hall gave an extra dimension to the area.

This was a well directed play and seemed to be enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience.

Pamela Booth

A questionnaire was distributed to members of the audience and the 90 which were returned were very interesting. 80% of the audience were regulars and preferred to have their refreshments included in the ticket price, although 14 people did not have anything at all! 66% preferred a comedy but 25% liked a selection of all types of play. The majority of people attended because of their association with a GADS Member but 25% came because they had seen the advertising banners. 40% bought their tickets from Members, 25% from The Bookshop and 20% at the door on the night.

Unfortunately no one wanted to join GADS at the moment!!


NODA Report on ‘My Friend Miss Flint’ April 2009

A well deserved round of applause was given when the curtain went back to reveal a carefully thought out set with some very appropriate dressing showing the apartment of a well to do gardening celebrity. A lot of groups would be very envious of the talented set builders. A strong cast had been assembled and the play moved at a good pace. Congratulations to the director on her first production for Garforth as she had rehearsed her cast well and they were word perfect and well timed with their movements. This was not the best of plays as it was very wordy and convoluted, but the cast coped well and it was well received by the audience.

Pam Booth, NODA Representative


NODA Report on ‘It’s Never Too Late’ -November 2008

The report by Mrs Pam Booth in the latest edition of ‘Scratchings’ is as follows:

It was good to hear that members are returning to Garforth and a strong cast had been assembled for this amusing but poignant play. There was the usual well built set which was tastefully decorated to suit the owners of the house. Props were excellent and the change to party time in the second act was very effective. An excellent leading lady kept the pace moving well as this was quite a wordy play, and the strong supporting cast contrasted well with each other providing interesting characters. I think that making Thomas even more of a nerd could have added to the humour. Once again the Hall was full and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Death Walked In

NODA Review

A well constructed set, with good props, beautifully portrayed the inside of a country hotel. This was a wordy play but the cast , especially the ladies, managed to get the most out of the lib and kept the interest of the audience. It was good to see yet another new face in the Society and one worth hanging on to. There was good interaction between the two sisters and a good contrast in their characters. Sadly, after all the intrigue the ending was very predictable.
Thank you Garforth for your warm welcome. I look forward to my next visit in the autumn.

The White Cliffs

Still celebrating their sixty years of amateur theatre this Society chose a play set around the time it was founded. It was good to see that a lot of thought had gone into costumes and hairstyles and, along with the set and props, you got a real feeling of the 1940s. There were some strong character performances in this quite wordy play and the two ladies in the final scene are to be congratulated on keeping the audience enthralled. Garforth ADS is still managing to attract new members and, if this continues, I am sure they will carry on for many years to come.




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Theatre Mail

As many of you will be aware GADS were invited to take part in the pilot scheme of NODA’s Theatre Mail. This is a free trial and has many teething problems from the offset. I have been in constant contact with the scheme’s director and I am assured that the problems have now been removed and they were caused by the sheer mass of people using the systems.

Theatre Mail has been introduced to make correspondence between societies and NODA easier; it has also been introduced to assure NODA newsletters and info get to members who may otherwise not have the opportunity to read them. Another use of Theatre Mail is to send information about our society to our members for example the dates of the up coming auditions.

Anyone who is willing to have their email added to the Theatre Mail please come and see Tom at the auditions or email me on

Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner for Members and their friends and Friends of GADS will be at La Bella Vita, Main Street, Garforth on Friday 5th February 2010, meeting there at 7.45pm for 8pm.

There is no set price or menu—the choice is up to you to order from the menu and pay for what you have. If you would like to go please contact ASAP Janet on: 0113 2866358 Email: or Carole Hurst on: 0113 2864175 Email:

Dates for Your Diary

5th January 2010

‘Caramba’s Revenge’ by William Norfolk

Auditions for the Spring Play at The Miners’ Welfare Hall, and then the rehearsals start and are every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along and see how the play is progressing.

Friday 5th February, 7.45pm for 8.00pm

Annual Dinner

La Bella Vita, Main Street, Garforth To book please contact Janet ASAP: 0113 2866358

Saturday 6th March, 10.00am

Spring Jumble Sale & Coffee Morning

We need your jumble and cakes as well as help on the stalls. Please contact Janet if you can help on 0113 2866358

7th & 14th March at 9am

Set Construction

Please liaise with Mike Nicholls

17th,18th, 19th, 20th, March 7.30pm

Performances of ‘Caramba’s Revenge‘ by William Norfolk at The Miners’  Welfare Hall. Tickets available from Society Members or Garforth Bookshop, Main Street, Garforth.

TBA in April 2010

Annual General Meeting

The Gaping Goose Chairman: Janet Gisburn Telephone: 0113 2866358 Email:

Acting Secretary: Carole Hurst Telephone: 0113 2864175. Email:

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